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Our Story

Performa Creating High Performance Environment

In thriving organizations the term “Environment” defines the entirety of their competitive existence – reaching far beyond the physical space they occupy. Performa’s clients are high achievement, driven organizations stretching themselves each and every day to master what makes and keeps them effective and competitive. They discern between partners who add value to their development from those which simply consume their resources.

This condition translates into our purpose: to serve our clients with an unmatched sense of responsibility, to understand and invest our clients’ resources as if they were our own.

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Design Philosophy

Performa – a derivative of “Performance”; the execution of an action; something accomplished: DEED, FEAT; the fulfillment of a claim or promise.

In most organizational settings, “environment” has traditionally referred to structures, the “places” where work is performed. But at Performa, they are so much more.

When we began as a small, tight-knit group of architects and engineers almost twenty years ago, we discerned a void in our industry. We found that few of our peers were looking beyond technical expertise to connect the capital asset decisions of their clients to their business strategy. Our clients are in need of practical solutions to their business challenges.  More than a “place,” they’re seeking high-performance, high-achievement environments, those that truly integrate the people that live, learn or work there and the processes they experience.

We have found these conditions to still exist today. The challenges our clients now face are even larger and more complex, which serves to further leverage our approach beyond anything we had imagined when we launched Performa. We are committed to this approach.

This philosophy guides our every action and serves as our foundation for: Creating High Performance Environments®.



Performa offers Planning, Architecture and Engineering design and consulting. Committed to providing comprehensive solutions, Performa recruits and retains talented, industry-specific professionals who share our values and philosophy. In possessing this concentration of spirited and talented expertise, our services have expanded to serve the growing needs of our clients. Recognized for superior design and engineering of facilities, sites and process, our clients also engage us in an array of advanced planning and design services where the implications to our clients frequently: span decades in time; include multiple facilities and technologies; impact diverse user groups; require complex coordination; and deliver responsible ROI.


Performa offers the following Planning Services:

  • Design Standards Development
  • Operations Assessment
  • Corrective Maintenance Planning
  • Site Selection & Analysis
  • Campus, Site, & Facility Master Planning
  • Facility Planning & Programming
  • Land Use Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Facility Assessment
  • Cost Estimating & Budgeting


Performa offers the following Architecture Services:

  • Site Design
  • Space Planning & Forecasting
  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design & Wayfinding
  • 3D Modeling & Visualization
  • Animation


Performa offers the following Engineering Services:

  • Process Flow Analysis & Improvements
  • Cost Reduction (Line Layout/Optimization; Waste Reduction/Yield Improvements)
  • Regulatory Food Safety/GMP (SOP)
  • After Market Custom Equipment Modification
  • Site Infrastructure Design
  • Building Systems Master Planning
  • Electrical Engineering
  • HVAC Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Plumbing Engineering
  • Lighting Design
  • Food & Beverage Process Engineering
  • 3D Modeling & Visualization


At Performa, what our clients do, matters. Nearly 20 years ago we set out to become a highly sought after technical and strategic resource for our clients. We also wanted to undertake work with men and women who choose to live purposeful lives within markets or industries that positively impact the health and well being of our communities. Performa’s business model is further refined by focusing our culture, staff recruitment and retention, and skills development in specific areas of expertise unique to these dynamic markets.  

“Performa does what others are either unwilling or incapable of doing.”

We are passionate about the sectors we serve and have discovered many positive and unanticipated synergies. Performa provides a full range of services from advance planning through engineering in Consumer Products & Services, Food & Beverage, Higher Education & Human Services, and Engineering.

Consumer Products & Services

Delivering consumer product innovations and quality through collaboration matters to Performa's clients.

The demand to innovate and produce high quality goods and services is relentless. Whether it’s the consumer or competitor, the commitment to remain vigilant of opportunities and threats remains a constant. Collaboration of the workforce in nearly every setting we encounter holds the key to an organization leveraging its intellectual capital. Performa is a leader in coalescing an organization’s widely divergent user groups around operational and functional objectives to advance site and facility investments.

Consumer Products & Services Experience

Food & Beverage

To improve food quality and safety, and expand food variety matters to Performa's clients.

The Food and Beverage market is fast-paced and dynamic. It demands quick and responsive solutions that protect product quality and consistency while balancing innovation. Regardless of scale, Performa’s process, mechanical, electrical, structural engineers and architects respond to our clients with urgency. Responsiveness, common sense and flexibility are Performa hallmarks.

Food & Beverage Experience

Proud Members of:

Higher Education & Human Services

Meaningful participation in the education and training of our society matters to Performa's clients.

Our nation’s Higher Education and Human Service sectors face developmental headwinds like no other time in recent history. While needs continue to grow they also expand to include new and unfamiliar societal norms. At the root of a contemporary mission-based organization’s success is the clarity of its mission. Performa specializes in prioritizing and aligning the resources and physical manifestations that allow mission-based organizations to thrive.


Never a dull moment at Performa! Whether a client takes us to a far off land, we’ve been awarded a new account, our clients are celebrating an important milestone, or our work in the community makes an impact, we’ll share our news.

September 2014


Performa announced the appointment of co-founder and 25 year veteran of the brand, Douglas R. Page, as President and COO.

Theresa A. Schroeder has been named Vice President of Organizational Development and will serve as a member of the senior management team.

Scott W. Wohr has been named Director of Marketing.

Kristin K. Van Rite has been promoted to Finance and Operations Specialist.

Lori J. Thompson recently joined Performa as Facilities Management Services Leader.          __________________

October 2014
Skyward Corporate Office Ground Breaking
August 2014
Initiative-One Announcement & Press Conference, Downtown Green Bay
June 2014
Plexus Guadalajara Mexico Plant Complete and in Operation!


Does your passion for the type of work you do match the purposefulness of your organization? Would you prefer to work within a team of spirited professionals or in isolation?  Would you find an open, imagination-stretching environment and collaborative work environment rewarding? Do you want to astound your clients?

At Performa, we are always interested in talking to exceptional people who are committed to excel at their craft and want to make a difference……for our clients….and for our organization.  Whether a job is posted or not, if you have a burning desire to join a team of like-minded planners, architects and engineers, please drop us a note. 

The Green Bay and surrounding area's quality of life, recreation, education and entertainment are all thriving. The region is called the NEW NORTH. Check out the link to NEW NORTH to see what you’re missing.

New North


Electrical Engineer, PE

Licensed Professional Engineer with 8-15 years of experience that specializes in Electrical Engineering for facilities.  Successful candidates will demonstrate experience in electrical planning, designing, system engineering specialized lighting design, construction document production, and holding client relationships in the area of electrical engineering for projects across the nation. (Contact Theresa at


Performa Creating High Performance Environment

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Jeff Kanzelberger, AIA

Doug Page, NCARB, AIA

Theresa Schroeder
Vice President of Organizational Development

Scott Wohr
Director of Marketing