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Wisconsin Architect, Inc. Feature

The Gehl-Mulva Science Center at St. Norbert College was featured in the Wisconsin Architect, Inc. magazine January 2017.

Completed in 2015, the renovation of 100,000 square feet of an existing historic structure and addition of 60,000 square feet of new construction provides St. Norbert College with an ideal environment to address infusion and interaction – dictums for the future of scientific discovery.  The integration of teaching and research throughout the curriculum, and developing interdisciplinary scientific relationships within the College community are the chosen means to create infusion and interaction.  Thus, the space is designed to align with these principles by providing adequate spaces for student-faculty research, student-student interaction and interdisciplinary collaboration with enough flexibility to meet the demands of future pedagogy and research in support of a curriculum that is rich in laboratory and field-based experiences with appropriate information technology and modern instrumentation to enhance the student academic experience.

Read the complete article and view exterior and interior images of this exceptional building, WisconsinArchitect.

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