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Director of Engineering
Tyler Mancl

January 11, 2019

Tyler Mancl, P.E.

Tyler Mancl, P.E. was promoted to Director of Engineering in January of 2019. Tyler is a natural leader and will thrive within the management at Performa while leading the engineering group.  He is committed to helping people reach their full potential.

Tyler joined Performa, Inc. in 2018. Tyler is an HVAC Engineer at Performa. He is experienced in designing HVAC and refrigeration systems in commercial buildings. He is involved with ASHRAE and serves as the NE Wisconsin president. Tyler is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Please help us welcome Tyler Mancl to his new role as Director of Engineering.

One Response to Director of Engineering
Tyler Mancl

  • Matt Marek - Vice President of Capital Strategies says:

    Tyler, we are excited to have you as our new Director of Engineering and look forward to taking our strong engineering capabilities to new heights for our customers! Congratulations!

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