Values and Mission

Our company values are the behaviors and skills that we value in fellow employees, partners and customers. We choose to work with like-minded people.



We LISTEN so we can better understand. Listening has become a distinctive competitive advantage.
We are concise and articulate in speech and writing. We treat people with respect, independent of their status or position on any topic.


We inspire others with our desire to achieve.
We care deeply about Performa’s success.
We are tenacious.


We tell the truth even when it hurts.
We only say things about others that we would say to them directly.
We are comfortable in admitting our mistakes.


We share information openly and pro-actively.
We, as individuals, seek first what is best for our customers and Performa.
We make time to help others.


We take risks and apply reason.
We question actions inconsistent with our values.
We say what we think even if it is difficult.


We seek to discover practical solutions to difficult problems.
We challenge prevailing assumptions when warranted and suggest new approaches.
We remain nimble by seeking out simplicity.


We seek to understand the Performa strategy, markets and customers.
We are eager to learn.
We contribute effectively outside of our specialty.


We accomplish amazing and important work.
We demonstrate consistently strong performance in support of colleagues.
We focus on results over process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be guided at the highest level by our values and beliefs, to excel in the mastery of our architectural and engineering craft, to facilitate the growth of our people as complete individuals, and to establish long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with quality-driven clients and business partners who share our values and standards.