Our Pupose


Performa gives your purpose that space to thrive. Our Listen.Engage.Design.® process creates a clear path from concept to construction. Fueled by listening, our process digs deep into an organization’s purpose, uncovering tomorrow’s needs and delivering environments uniquely tied to mission and profitability. Our firm service firm seamless integrates architecture, engineering and design. Inspire the potential of your purpose with Performa.

Process-Driven Difference.

The Listen.Engage.Design.® process ensures buildings are an extension of your mission and culture. The process-driven approach creates spaces and permission to uncover today’s challenges and tomorrow’s true needs.  The Listen.Engage.Design.® is unique to Performa. Learn more about our process, here.

Fueled by Listening.

Each and every employee at Performa knows the value in listening.  The Listen.Engage.Design.® process allows our team to listen at every level within an organization. The process is about asking better questions that uncover a client’s purpose, personality and passions.  We are able to identify key themes and patterns to shape a client’s purpose and needs.

Relationships are the Foundation.

Architect and engineering serve to inspire and facilitate people. Connecting on a core level with clients opens up new perspectives that deliver great long-term value.  Treating employees with dignity and respect like equal partners.

Big A. Big E.

At Performa, we believe that both architecture and engineering are important. We have an integrated approach to deliver these services to benefit our clients.  While there are times we provide only architecture, engineering or design services to clients, we know it is special to deliver these services in an integrated manner. Focusing on both disciplines allows are team to facilitate better communication and respond swiftly to client-driven changes.

Mission, Purpose and Architecture.

Buildings don’t simply facilitate business transactions but inspire culture. Every element of a building should play a role in orchestrating a new level of growth for clients. The power of our team at Performa lies in translating the complexity of the profession into an experience that is an extension of the organization’s mission.