Craig Dickman

Deliberate Design of Workplace Experience

AUGUST 12, 2021 | PODCAST | 00:33:10

Craig Dickman is the Managing Director at TitletownTech, a venture capital organization that empowers, supports, and invests in entrepreneurs throughout their startup journey.

For this subseries, Nikki has partnered with Performa, a purpose-driven, fully integrated architecture, engineering and design firm that gives people (and purpose) the space to thrive. In this episode, Craig, Nikki, and co-host Brian Netzel of Performa discuss the deliberate design of the workplace experience and making purposeful leadership decisions.

Truth You Can Act On 

1. Flip Mindset on Culture – It starts with Purpose

“Sometimes people make the mistake and say ‘what we’re going to do is collect a group of people and we’re going to try to change their mindset and make them fit into a culture’. I think it begins much earlier than that, both as an individual and as an entrepreneur/founder/leader. It’s identifying what is it that we fundamentally stand for? What is it that we’re doing that we want to INVITE people into and then being thoughtful about who joins the organization and whatever it is you’re trying to do – the cause behind why you’re coming together.

2. Deliberately Connect Purpose, Brand, Culture & Space

“Being deliberate is about being intentional as you’re building a business, building a culture, building a space, building an environment – making sure there is a strong connection between purpose (why you’re doing something), what is the brand that you’re trying to build as an organization, how you think about culture, and then how you connect everyone into that environment. And then practicing absolute, almost fanaticism, consistency and intentionality.”

3. Building Design is Last; Purpose Comes First

“I think that rather than starting with the building and the design, it begins with purpose and brand and how you want to represent that in the physical world. Because ultimately, I think one of the things that’s important for an organization is – you want both WHO people are, the BEHAVIOR of the company, the physical ENVIROMENT that they’re in, the BRAND, to all be a very consistent experience that reinforces what you’re doing. And so, then, it’s taking that sense of purpose now and saying, okay, what does that mean to the space?”

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