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D. Ray James Prison

U.S. Marshals Service Detention Facility

Folkston, GA

Aerial of Expanded Compound
Security Control Center


The D. Ray James Prison expansion is comprised of various proposed projects, Performa focused on three: a New Federal Housing Unit for the U.S. Marshals, which includes its own administrative/support facility, a future “dorm-style” housing unit for the prison, and the expansion of the prison’s existing food service area. The U.S. Marshal’s housing unit is for the processing and the detaining of individuals falling under the federal government’s jurisdiction. Space has been allowed on the site for future expansion of an additional housing unit.

Prisoners in the U.S. Marshal’s housing unit will be processed in a separate administrative/support facility, but fed by the prison’s food service program. There is a separate entrance and sallyport for the new housing unit, keeping the processing of prisoners separate from that of the prison. The new housing unit will accommodate 315 inmates. The future dorm unit is an expansion for the D. Ray James Prison, which houses inmates that fall under the State of Georgia jurisdiction. This is designed to accommodate 330 inmates. Due to the proposed increase of prisoners for the facility, an expansion to the food service area has been planned.