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Faith Church

Dyer, IN

From a Solid Foundation to a Future Filled With Growth and Promise


Located on 25 acres in Dyer, Indiana, Faith Church is a member of the Reformed Church of America and has thriving ministries and varied outreach opportunities. To help the organization continue to realize its vision, Performa master-planned a three-phase building project.

Phase 1 offers approximately 48,000 square feet and includes office administration, nursery, worship, stage, fellowship, kitchen, classrooms for youth and adult ministry, and a bookstore. Phase 2 brings 27,000 square feet of additional space for children’s ministry, fellowship space, and administrative and general-use space. Phase 3 is centered on a tiered worship space that seats 2,200 at approximately 31,000 square feet and includes a stage, fly, and storage areas. In addition, a separate 11,000 square-foot recreation ministry building will be located on the campus. Altogether, Phase 3 adds 85,453 square feet.