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Corporate Headquarters

De Pere, WI

Engineering a United Solution.


The Foth Companies of mechanical and industrial engineering actually consist of four limited liability corporations that fly under one Foth flag. While each one functions as an independent operating unit, they are bound together by one culture, one strategy, and one brand. Foth required a master plan, design, and engineering for its new corporate headquarters, one that would reflect a continued unification.

Performa led the planning and design process. It involved more than 20 user groups, all contributing to the planning and all helping to shape a design that would be firmly based in Foth’s operating strategies and workflow patterns. The building houses 440 employees yet has a master-planned growth capacity of nearly 800, for its approximately 100,000 square feet on two floors. Office and workstation standards were established to help identify opportunities to reshape behaviors and accommodate churn and growth with minimal disruption.

The facility’s design authentically reflects Foth’s corporate strategy of “oneness” among its four operating units and allows the organization to function seamlessly.