Celebrating 25 Years

Giving Purpose the Space to Thrive for 25 Years

Performa’s Origin Story: The Rise of a Purpose-Driven A/E Firm

In 1995, Doug Page, Jeff Kanzelberger and a small, tight-knit group of architects and engineers decided our industry was craving a different and better way. At the time, our industry was much more interested in design awards than creating transformational outcomes. Performa was born out of two alternative beliefs:

  1. It’s not about buildings per se, it’s about what a building can do for people.
  2. It’s not about award-winning architecture. It’s about serving clients in any way that helps them connect their capital asset decisions to their business strategy. This doesn’t mean we don’t care about great architecture; rather, it is the order of their importance. Purpose and people come first – always!

Our Why: Giving purpose the space to thrive

Our founders shared a belief that is still with us today: we believe we exist to give purpose the space to thrive. Every organization has a purpose, a reason for being. Likewise, every organization is made up of people. Our core belief is that the craft of architecture and engineering has much more to do with an organization’s purpose, people and processes and that place (or the physical environment) should be a vessel to not just hold but enable each of these things.

Our How: Listen.Engage.Design.

Our team of talented architects and engineers aligns our clients’ culture and vision with their physical environment by employing an engaging and collaborative design process that builds consensus, creates momentum, and achieves solutions that advance our clients’ purpose. Thanks to our talented and dedicated team members, engaging approach, and loyal clients, Performa has flourished beyond what we ever could have imagined when our firm was launched.

Our What:

We inspire potential through fully integrated architecture, engineering and design, with elevated capabilities, which when applied holistically to client challenges, produce transformational outcomes. Our multidisciplinary team examines our clients’ needs through an integrated lens, with PURPOSE at its center.

Performa Today: Purpose-Driven Leadership and Growth

Currently owned by Doug Page, Brian Netzel and Matt Marek, Performa has steadily grown since its inception 25 years ago. With offices in De Pere, WI, and Atlanta, GA, our team is dedicated to our cause of being a purpose-driven firm delivering transformational outcomes. We’ve worked hard to recruit and engage a talented team who not only offers incredible technical expertise but are curious, honorable, optimistic and creative with an authentic passion for serving clients and partners.

We take great pride in the relationships and projects we have created through the years and would like to thank everyone who has been part of our success!

Stories Told Over 25 Years

Brian Netzel introduces a series of video messages from clients spanning the firm’s 25-year history and gives meaning to a Transformational Outcome.

Check back throughout the year to see and hear more stories from clients as we capture their relationship, transformation and purpose-driven mindset.