Purpose Podcast Series

Designing the Purpose-Driven Workplace

Performa has partnered with Gut+Science, a weekly show with the nation’s greatest leaders and CEO’s on a sub-series of podcasts that we’ll be sharing in the coming months. Each episode will focus on the connection between the leader, their organization’s purpose, and how intentionally designed physical workspace has been a powerful tool in helping Give their Purpose the Space to Thrive.


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Podcast #1:
Craig Dickman

Deliberate Design of Workplace Experience

Meet Craig Dickman, the Managing Director at TitletownTech, a venture capital organization that empowers, supports, and invests in entrepreneurs throughout their startup journey.

In this episode, Craig, Nikki (host), and co-host Brian Netzel discuss the deliberate design of the workplace experience and making purposeful leadership decisions.

Listen to the podcast now and hear key messages from Craig, here.


Podcast #2:
Christopher Howald

Surrender Control and Empower

Meet Christopher Howald, CEO at Tweet/Garot Mechanical and fourth-generation leader who believes he is a steward to his employees and the business instead of just an owner. In this episode, Christopher, Nikki (host), and co-host Brian Netzel discuss surrendering control to empower your people to perform at their best.

Listen to the podcast now and hear key messages from Christopher, here.


Podcast #3:
Steven McCarthy

Great Leaders Connect Via Values

Meet Steven McCarthy, the President and CEO of Curative Connections in Green Bay, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people with disabilities, aging concerns, and mental health challenges through a broad range of services.

As CEO, Steven has made it a point to make sure their organizational values show in every aspect of their company. In this episode presented by Performa, Steven shares ways Curative Connections and its employees model the organization’s values, allowing space for individuals and customers to thrive.

Listen to the podcast now and hear key messages from Steven, here.