An engaging and integrated approach to planning, design and engineering.



We employ a formalized, engaging, and collaborative planning and design process that builds consensus, creates momentum and achieves solutions that enables your purpose to thrive.

We will ask you to dive deep with us so that we fully understand you, your purpose, your objectives and your expectations.

Our purpose-driven and fully integrated approach creates site and building solutions that authentically represent a client’s purpose, values, and vision. Each solution is customized to a client’s organizational, operational, and functional requirements. The underlying uniqueness of the process exists in steps 1-3 as we seek to uncover purpose, engage in deep inquiry and imagine the future. We also apply our fully integrated capabilities to ensure we’re planning and designing with the end in mind, creating a solution that performs well into the future. We invite collaboration at all levels and listen, really listen, to those who will call this site and facility their home. We believe that true success begins with a clear understanding of purpose and results from great people joining in a shared vision and collaborating at every step of the process.


Understanding you, your purpose, your objectives, your expectations and building consensus around these. “Change” starts here.


Programming –Two interrelated paths of discovery. The requirements for conducting business in new and innovative ways (qualitative) and the staff and space required to do this (quantitative), as well as understanding the cultural impact on all of those involved.


An engaging set of exercises to develop a conceptual design framework for the site and facility from which design and engineering can launch and “change” can be defined, understood and explained.


The more traditional steps of schematic design, design development, and construction documents but completed in an engaging, collaborative and integrated fashion. We will utilize technologies that allow you to see, feel and experience the design as it evolves and communicate it to those impacted by it.


The idea and all of the planning behind it becomes a reality. Earth will move, concrete will be poured, systems will be integrated and finishes will be applied. Your team will be prepared; you will tour the site and excitement will abound. You will be ready for opening day because you were a part of it all along the way. It’s yours.


Now you own and occupy it. And now you have to take care of it and all those in it. We will still be here for you.


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