Evolving Your “Flywheel” for Deferred Maintenance Whitepaper

The Flywheel

For those unfamiliar with “The Flywheel” concept, it’s a very useful analogy for implementing the business strategy described in Jim Collins’ book “Good to Great.” It explains how driving a new strategy is like pushing a huge flywheel into motion. With great exertion of will, leaders are able to deliver results to get the flywheel moving. If the underlying architecture of the flywheel is accurate and executed with discipline, the flywheel moves faster, delivering results, and building momentum that lasts decades.

The flywheel represents one way to evolve deferred maintenance into a broader corrective maintenance program. Corrective maintenance represents the actions taken to address an organization’s deferred maintenance. The goal is to embed corrective maintenance planning into master planning efforts, cementing it as an institutional discipline that becomes the “new normal” for facilities planning.

In it, we share six practical steps involved in getting a flywheel moving to create a corrective maintenance program that can become a discipline within facilities planning.

The paper also includes a brief case study highlighting the flywheel St. Norbert College created to evolve their deferred maintenance challenges into a corrective maintenance program and disciplined approach to maintenance planning.

Read more in our complete whitepaper, Evolving Your “Flywheel” for Deferred Maintenance.

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Author and subject matter expert, Matt Marek is Performa’s VP of Capital Strategies. Contact him at 920-336-9929 or mattm@performainc.com.