Healthy at Work

2020 06 11 Healthy At Work

Creating healthy environments has never been more relevant. This diagram highlights the progression Performa believes “healthy at work” will take. It’s an iterative, circular process beginning with immediate administrative interventions and cultural adaptation, rolling into rapid innovation and evolving into an adapted future that comes full circle as we continue to explore, test and apply what we learn. We’ve identified nine specific areas of concentration from our research. We’ve summarized key takeaways for each and included
links to the sources if you want to learn more.

Evolving Your Flywheel

This whitepaper highlights how facility managers can generate a flywheel for managing and funding deferred maintenance, and its evolution into integrated facilities planning. The whitepaper uses a brief case study from St. Norbert College to illustrate the transformational outcomes that can result from this flywheel approach.

For over 25 years, Performa’s integrated team of architects and engineers have empowered facility managers caring for their portfolio of buildings, the purpose of our Corrective Maintenance Program. Request access here.

Ensure Business Continuity

Business continuity includes taking care of what you have, which may include empty or unoccupied facilities. A proactive approach to corrective maintenance can help address issues before they become maintenance emergencies. Now more than ever, facility managers, owners and finance officers are asked to do more with less (both dollars and staff) and can easily become trapped in a reactive cycle of repair and infrastructure reinvestment, no-doubt exacerbated by the current crisis. Unplanned emergencies cost more and can distract an already limited staff from performing preventative and even corrective maintenance, which in turn, increases the likelihood for emergency repairs.

Empowering Facility Managers

Glorified maintenance technician. This outdated perception of a facilities manager’s role is a fallacy. Facilities managers are now asset managers; often managing an institution’s largest capital assets and risk.

You are invited to join this complimentary webinar and walk away energized and empowered to maximize your role as an asset manager. Performa and BMOC’s asset management experts are collaborating to deliver a jam-packed hour of best practices and practical insights to empower participants.