Spotlight | Carolyn Glime



Carolyn Glime


Senior Planner / Architect

Length of time at Performa:

5 years, during her recent tenure with Performa

Alma Mater:

Pratt Institute

Favorite Hobby:

Yoga and creative, hands-on art like pottery

What does “Giving Purpose the Space to Thrive” mean to you?

Every organization has a reason for being. But you can take any two organizations that do something very similar, and they will be very different. A lot of that is culture. Culture really is living our your values – values in action. It is also okay to be slightly aspirational. When an organization tells me their purpose and has a very clear reason why they exist, it’s really exciting because it isn’t about me. It’s about making sure that their people, the product or the programs or the service they offer align with the space that is provided. It’s making sure that I understand that enough to be able to say, “here’s the appropriate space that will allow you to do those things – to give your purpose the opportunity to be successful.”

Curious is a core value at Performa. How do you see that showing up?

Curiosity is involved in much of my work, both knowing what you need to do but also uncovering and scratching to further understand something – to get at more than just what someone is giving you. It’s digging deep to uncover what’s possible.

You can connect with Carolyn on LinkedIn or via email.