Spotlight | Emma Gill



Emma Gill



Length of time at Performa:

1 year

Alma Mater:

University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Favorite Hobby:


What does a day in the life of an architect (you) look like here at Performa?

My “day in and day out” varies depending on what project I’m working on, but it can include anything from programming and schematic design all the way into construction.

At Performa, we believe we exist to give purpose the space to thrive. What does “giving purpose the space to thrive” mean to you?

A project that I really enjoyed working on was Exceptional Equestrians and it’s a great example of ‘giving purpose the space to thrive’. They promote physical and mental health through equine therapy. The project involved the planning and design of a sensory trail where the kids can hop on the horses and ride through the trail, or walk on the trail, or take a wheelchair. There are different stations along the sensory trail that evoke different senses (visual hand-eye coordination, touch and feel, etc.) “Giving purpose the space to thrive” kind of takes everything from architecture school and brings it a step back. So, in architecture school, Louis Sullivan’s quote was “form follows function” which follows purpose, and that purpose is client-centered. The client’s needs drive everything so every move that we make (design-wise) enables the function for the space. This drives how we develop the form that they need in order to deliver their purpose within their space every single day.

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