Spotlight | James Frelich



James Frelich


BIM Strategist

Length of time at Performa:

2 years

Alma Mater:

University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

Favorite Hobby:

Theatrical Design

Performa is unique in that we are a fully-integrated architectural and engineering firm. What value does that provide?

Meet James Frelich, a BIM Strategist who is technology fluent and so much more. In this short video, he shares his passion for uncovering, and sometimes creating tools that help fellow team members design and do their work in better, more efficient ways. A natural teacher, he shares why he is passionate about educating teammates and clients to use technology to design and view buildings virtually. As an engineer with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, his unique role gives him ample opportunities to empower the team through new processes, tools and technologies.
You can connect with James via email!