Spotlight | Matt Van Lanen



Matt Van Lanen


Project Manager / Architect

Length of time at Performa:

5 years

Alma Mater:

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Favorite Hobby:

The Packers! I’m a season ticket holder and have been going to games since kindergarten. In my family, being a Packer fan is passed from one generation to the next. I also love everything about the outdoors – hiking, exploring new areas, etc. Las Vegas is one of my favorite hiking places.


What does “giving purpose the space to thrive” mean to you and how do you contribute to this in your work?

It has a twofold meaning for me. Literally, as architects and engineers, we engage clients early on to understand their purpose for their business, and we give the driving force of their business the literal space it needs to succeed. We ensure form follows function. A bit less literally, we dig into our clients’ reasons for being and provide a safe space to make the most of that. They share their business purpose but also their personal purpose.

What gives you the greatest sense of fulfillment in your work?

Client happiness is my greatest fulfillment! I get the greatest sense of purpose when we can make a client happy with the product and the services they receive. In my role as a project manager, I try to keep a very close eye on this. It’s a major responsibility to make sure projects are successful and clients are happy with the end result. Thinking about the client first is personally fulfilling. Unfortunately, our industry can be somewhat selfish and concerned more about what a building looks like. While design/aesthetic is important, it’s more important to have a happy client – and to have them share their happiness with others. At Performa, in a lot of cases, we get to achieve both. A space that functions well to support their purpose, and aesthetically, a great design.

You can connect with Matt on LinkedIn or via email.