Spotlight | Ryan Bakke


Ryan Bakke



Length of time at Performa:

7 years

Alma Mater:

Iowa State University

Favorite Hobby:

Aviation (I’m not a pilot, but I am interested in aviation-related things like airplanes, airports, etc.)

Can you share an example of a transformational outcome you’ve been a part of in your time at Performa?

Menominee Family & Community Engagement Center is another example of a transformational outcome currently in construction. This is a community with a disadvantaged population base with many young people and a lot of older people. There are economic consequences to that; food/nutrition and health issues are key challenges for this community. This space will create a location and a place for everyone in the community to go to share stories with each other, share healthy lifestyles, transmit culture and build relationships. It will be a place to hang out in a safe environment, and a place to do cultural events in as well.

For instance, we designed the gymnasium to be large enough to hold athletic competitions so that the Indian College Association can host basketball tournaments, etc. They’ve never had a place large enough to do it. They’re bringing in a boxing program that’s currently in an old gas station right now. They’re bringing in the Youth Development Organization programming that will utilize this space too. It’s really a space to help kids grow and develop, especially those who are at risk that would not otherwise have these resources. We’re helping each demographic elevate their purpose. You can hold a pow-wow in that building, shoot hoops, and even engage in competitive running with a uniquely designed running track. There is also seating in the lobby and lounges so elders, the older people, can come hang out, see and be part of the action and interact with different ages. Even on the running track we have surrounding playground pieces so children can play while mom/dad are running around the track. There will be conference rooms and youth rooms for kids to do schoolwork, etc.

A great quote that speaks to purpose is something I heard one of the client champions for the project say: “we are really building something special for ourselves, a building our people and community deserve” – that’s really the promise we’re trying to deliver on.

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