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Healthy At Work

Summer 2020


Transformational Model For The Future Built Environment

Creating healthy environments has never been more relevant. As the President and CEO of the US Green Building Council recently said, “Healthy people in healthy spaces equals a healthy economy.” For Performa, it has given our team a renewed sense of commitment to our cause – giving purpose the space to thrive™. 

To that end, Performa is focused on exploring what we can do to serve our existing clients because we believe creating healthy environments is essential especially right now. In early June we shared a document called “Healthy at Work” with our clients. It offers valuable best practices during a time of uncertainty and continual change. The piece highlights the steps Performa believes are necessary to create a healthy workplace, keeping people as safe as possible. It’s an iterative, circular process that identified nine specific characteristics of maintaining a healthy environment now and into the future. Each is supported by research which we have summarized and include links to the sources.

If you would like access to the complete resource, please contact us, here. 

The response from our clients to this piece has been positive. We are humbled by the response from one of our most recent clients, Steve McCarthy, the President & CEO of Curative Connections: 

“Thanks for reaching out about this… I found it very helpful! The links embedded within the document you included were relevant and useful. In several ways our recent renovation project prepared our space well for the pandemic: from larger room sizes for clients, the improved courtyard, larger space at our main entrance, improved and expanded personal care spaces, our increased conference and huddle rooms, and more. If during our planning we would have assumed a pandemic was on the horizon, I wonder what we would have done differently? Not much! Hope all is well with you and all the rest of our Performa friends. –Steve



For more than 70 years, Curative Connections has helped families, seniors and people with disabilities find support and care due to aging, dementia, brain injury or other disabilities. Their team provides services to seniors or people of all ability levels through adult day services, specialized learning and brain rehabilitation and wellness programs, employment and training opportunities, home and community services, and specialized transportation services.


Performa’s relationship with Curative Connections began with understanding their purpose. Mission-driven, values-focused and committed to their vision, they work tirelessly to see that every person has the care, resources and support they need to achieve their goals for independence. The organization firmly believes that ENGAGED & EMPOWERED PEOPLE create vibrant communities and that healthy aging isn’t just a concept.

The Challenge

After 30 years of use and choppy additions. the facility was ill equipped to support current operations and future growth, and gave off a cold, institutional feel. According to Steve McCarthy, President and CEO of Curative, “Our facility needed some significant changes in order for us to continue providing the quality services the community has come to expect.” Demographic changes occurring in northeast WI over the next several decades posed even greater challenges for their organization as well. The organization needed a physical environment that matched their purpose and proactive approach to care. In addition to their clients, Curative recognized that their clients’ families and caregivers need empathy, balance and peace of mind that their loved ones would receive the services and care they needed in a healthy environment. Unfortunately, the organization’s purpose and philosophy didn’t match their physical environment.

The Transformational Outcome

After a thorough understanding of Curative’s organizational and project purpose, Performa’s team guided them through facility master planning and the renovation of their existing facility. The solution focused on reconfiguring interior spaces for better adjacencies and developing a much more warm, welcoming, safe, and client-friendly layout. Without adding square footage, the planning efforts allowed them to gain 30% more program space by completely reconfiguring their existing layout. Thanks to the master plan, a facility addition was unnecessary.

A few project highlights included the following:
  • A transformational welcome
  • Increase personal care, privacy and security
  • A reintroduced cafeteria
  • Dedicated & centralized staff space
  • A simulated front porch space
  • And assured that they were poised for programmatic growth


Rather than simply adding on to the facility, Performa’s planning efforts optimized Curative Connections’ existing space and enhanced the efficiency and care with which the organization serves their clients. The project was accomplished under budget, so financial resources were available to update the aesthetics and environmental graphics to match Curative Connection’s organizational values and warm, welcoming ‘Culture of Gentleness’. Remarkably, the renovation was completed without interrupting daily operations.

Performa was honored to help Curative Connections transform their existing environment to better serve their clients, reflect their evolving brand and model for care, as well as ‘give their purpose the space to thrive’ as they expand their program offerings well into the future.

To read more about Curative Connection’s case study, click here.


Performa is excited to announce our first two Fitwel Ambassadors, interior designer Stephanie Wetzel and Director of Southeast Region, Douglas Webster! Fitwel is the world’s leading certification system that provides guidelines on how to design and operate healthier buildings to support health. Fitwel Ambassadors are leaders and active participants in Fitwel’s healthy building movement. They are well-versed in the evidence-based connection between design and healthy, can integrate Fitwel’s strategies within projects. They are able to navigate the Fitwel portal to track progress and attain Fitwel Certification. To learn more about Fitwel, click here.

Fitwel Project Highlight

One of Performa’s valued clients, Oshkosh Corporation, is close to completing their Fitwel documentation for their recently completed Global Headquarters, a project Performa is honored to have designed. To learn more about the project, click here.

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