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The Power of Giving Thanks in Tough Times

Posted on Dec 2, 2020 by

The year 2020 has brought its fair share of challenges. Between the pandemic, economic hardships and political turmoil, one doesn’t have to be overly creative to justify a lack of thankfulness right now. Yet this would miss the entire point of the recent Thanksgiving holiday. To be clear, this doesn’t negate any sadness one may be feeling. Like all emotions, sadness has its place and serves a purpose. However, actively being thankful for blessings, regardless of our circumstances – is not just a friendly ‘feel good’ thing; it can enhance our wellbeing – something needed now more than ever. Gratitude can shine a spotlight on all that is good. If we amplify its presence, it can give us the energy to meet life’s challenges with more grit and grace. As challenging as this year has been, it’s reinforced the idea that adversity can often introduce us to the best version of ourselves, unleashing our courage and a more profound sense of our humanity that we might never have otherwise discovered. The catch? We must do our part; we must seek out and celebrate the hidden blessings that life’s storm often waves obscure.

At a company level, Performa wants to express its gratitude to our incredible team members, clients, partners and friends. We are grateful for every one of our team members. They have worked through tremendous adversity, balancing heavy workloads amid significant upheaval in their personal and professional lives. We are incredibly thankful for their passion, commitment to our clients and our purpose, and their care for one another. Despite this year’s challenges, Performa is blessed with minimal disruption to client work and a healthy backlog, which means we’ve not only retained our existing team members but are actively recruiting and hiring talent. We are humbled and thankful.

We’re also celebrating 25 years this December. Although we can’t host a party, we’re celebrating in an alternative way. We’re capturing 25 video stories with some of our dearest relationships and plan to share those stories of transformation throughout 2021. It’s our way of sharing gratitude and amplifying its presence.

On a personal level, our team members recently shared a little gratitude at our first annual “Virtual Friendsgiving.” We shared pictures and videos of the people and things our team members are thankful for this year. It was truly cathartic to share gratitude and connect through positive blessings.

I encourage everyone reading to do the same. If this simple exercise makes you feel even a little lighter, try it again tomorrow. And the day after. Your mental health will thank you. So too will the people whose names were on your list.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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