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Performa has a passion and deep history serving higher education institutions. Our first client and partnership with St. Norbert College located in De Pere, Wisconsin has continued for nearly thirty years. We work collaboratively with their and other institution’s leadership team(s) to align their campus environment with their strategic vision and positively impact student learning outcomes by designing holistic teaching and learning experiences for students, faculty and staff.

Most recently, our team has designed a superior performing athletic and recreation facility, science facility, and specialized teaching and learning spaces, along with improvements to outdated residence halls and libraries.  We have completed numerous campus master plans as well as corrective maintenance plans for several campuses and are currently working on completing an ADA study for another. We believe in being there for our clients no matter what their need or ask.   View recent college and university work.

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Carolyn Glime, AIA


Ms. Glime has over 25 years of higher education campus planning experience. Throughout her career, Carolyn has been directly involved with over 100 colleges and universities, leading teams of architecture, planning, and consulting professionals to develop successful, comprehensive, and integrated space solutions for diverse colleges and universities. Carolyn works closely with college and university leadership teams, as well as consulting professionals to provide strategic, integrated and comprehensive recommendations for space needs using quantitative data such as space utilization analysis, inventories and standards, as well as qualitative information gathered from campus-wide constituencies. She also possesses substantial leadership experience, an integrated and comprehensive planning focus, a collaborative team approach, complex problem-solving skills and a strong strategic mentality.

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Performa is an architectural and engineering firm that helps higher education institutions and their students learn, grow and succeed by designing superior performing environments. Learn more about our team, at www.performainc.com/our-story/people.