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The workplace environment of the 21st century is evolving as younger generations continue to integrate into the workforce. The influences of technology, social media and mobility continue to shape how the environments we work in are designed. The notion of one standard style workstation or office has been replaced by flexible, individualized options. Spaces for deep work are connected with places of respite or restoring and are integrated with areas for collaboration. The standard conference room seating at a square or rectangular table is being replaced with rooms of soft seating and a more residential or home feel. Technology has allowed employees to become untethered from the workstation, creating a new sense of freedom as they choose where they can work most productively. Perhaps it is at the coffee shop or cafeteria, in an office setting, or around the fireplace on a cold winter day.

Social media has created the need for the world to be in constant contact, knowing what is going on with one’s friends and families lives. It is the desire to be connected. That has influenced the amount and types of collaboration spaces within the workplace setting. Still, there is this need to go back to a singular individual area for deep thinking that allows creativity to be fostered. Flexibility in the built environment and its furnishings are now more critical as businesses create and innovate at a much faster pace.

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Performa is a collection of talented individuals who serve clients that believe their facilities are a reflection of their company and an integral part of their culture and success. We help our clients by collaboratively engaging and artfully integrating all of the critical components, and designing environments and spaces that are a reflection of the company and a strategic weapon in a very competitive landscape.

Learn more about our integrated approach that brings architecture, engineering and design by contacting Brian Netzel at or 920-336-9929.

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