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Exceptional Equestrians

Sensory Adventure Trail

Green Bay, WI


Promoting physical and mental health through equine therapy. That is the purpose behind Exceptional Equestrians; an organization that provides therapy services to children and adults incorporating the horse as a key component of the therapeutic process.

Performa was engaged to help plan and develop a Sensory Adventure Trail for the organization. It is an interactive course that uses Hippotherapy to help those with various physical, cognitive, sensory, or mental health challenges. Hippotherapy is an individualized treatment provided by a licensed therapist. Both on and off horse activities provide opportunities to address emotional regulation, self-awareness, communication, and problem solving, as well as improving balance, gait, and motor control.

Performa facilitated sessions with stakeholders to explore and understand the critical goals and experiences that should happen at various points along the path. Each of the sensory trail modules is designed to facilitate daily life skills such as navigating steps, opening doors, or reaching overhead. Individuals gain self-esteem and confidence as they experience the joy of moving feely on a horse. Performa is proud to have helped Exceptional Equestrians create an environment that allows their horse and human therapy to bring powerful, long lasting, and transformative outcomes to life.