At Performa, we believe that the best solution to any design challenge is obtained when an organization’s environment is aligned with their culture.  Our process and style known as Listen.Engage.Design.® is relatively simple, yet challenging to accomplish unless all project stakeholders form a single collaborative team to develop a clear understanding of the desired outcome, which takes time.

We know that listening is an art, skill, and conscious effort essential to a relationship based on understanding and responding accordingly rather than merely reacting to what is apparent.  It is a vital part of Performa’s culture, a practice to which we are committed.  Through this practice, we can facilitate deep conversations about our client’s purpose, values and behaviors during the planning phase of a project leading to a distinct vision of a successful future.  We engage in a variety of interactive and fun workshops that focus on a dialog about the future but includes the present, challenging our clients to consider next practices, not just best practices.  Our design focus is evident during project planning as our client’s future needs are translated into an ideal arrangement of spaces to meet them.

Our experience with the workshop format, which immerses our team into our client’s culture, has proven to be an efficient way of learning as well as an effective way to build relationships, solve problems, and gain consensus.  Performa’s style and the Listen.Engage.Design.® process has been recognized by the AIA for innovation and client engagement.