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Oshkosh Fitwel Certification


Performa Inc. is pleased to announce that Oshkosh Corporation’s new global headquarters has achieved Fitwel® certification, the first Wisconsin project to obtain a perfect 3-Star Fitwel Rating.

Fitwel is the world’s leading certification system committed to building health for allTM. Operated by the Center for Active Design (CfAD), Fitwel’s strategies for enhancing human health and well-being in the built environment are based on the most recent scientific evidence, leveraging expert analysis of more than 5,600 peer-reviewed academic studies.

By integrating Fitwel design, construction and operational strategies into the global headquarters, Oshkosh obtained an exceptional score of 127 points out of 144 for its office that is designed for 650 employees.

Each element of this four-story, 191,000 square-foot building subtly reinforces the purpose of Oshkosh, celebrates team members’ contributions to the world, offers a healthy environment that encourages wellbeing, invites innovation, provides the flexibility to do both individual and collaborative work, and advances its “People-First” culture.

The 3-Star Fitwel award demonstrates the Oshkosh commitment to prioritize team members’ health and well-being by implementing a health-promoting design, construction, and operational programs and policies.

“Earning the Fitwel certification has been a priority for us at Oshkosh Corporation and truly highlights our commitment in creating an environment at our global headquarters which focuses on the wellbeing of our team members and building guests,” said Kevin Tubbs, Oshkosh Corporation Vice President and Chief Ethics, Compliance and Sustainability Officer. “We are honored to be the first 3-Star recipient [in Wisconsin] of this prestigious designation and thank all of our project partners for bringing this vision to life.”

The space integrates people, technology, and place, ultimately allowing for improved collaboration, rejuvenation, focus, socialization, and learning. Unique components of the building include a dedicated learning and development center, fitness and healthy lifestyle center, recharge spaces, outdoor patios and garden spaces, and walking trails with clear views of the river. The first floor of the atrium offers a unique cafeteria, a separate Starbucks coffee bar, as well as diverse seating zones ranging from a recessed fireside sitting area to booths and tall café tables. The cafeteria was designed to promote choice while helping people make informed decisions about healthy food options that fit within nutritional guidelines. The facility was completed in September 2019 and was designed by Performa Inc. and built by Miron Construction Co., Inc.

For more information on Oshkosh’s global headquarters, click here.

About Fitwel and the Center for Active Design
Fitwel is the world’s leading certification system committed to building health for all®. Generated by expert analysis of 5,600+ academic research studies, Fitwel is implementing a vision for a healthier future where all buildings and communities are enhanced to strengthen health and well-being. Fitwel was originally created by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention and U.S. General Services Administration. The CDC remains the research and evaluation partner for Fitwel. The Center for Active Design, a global not-for-profit organization, was selected as the licensed operator of Fitwel, charged with expanding Fitwel to the global market. To learn more about Fitwel, please visit:

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