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25 Years of Transformational Outcomes



Oshkosh Corporation and its 15,000-plus team members are united by one purpose: making a difference in people’s lives. Whether it’s designing and manufacturing equipment and vehicles that keep soldiers and firefighters safe, helping build and maintaining clean communities, or helping people do their jobs every day, Oshkosh is united globally by this common cause.

The Challenge

While united by purpose, Oshkosh team members were separated physically, dispersed across more than 40 different facilities. The organization was also in the midst of a cultural transformation to develop a truly people-first culture, something that was difficult with so many different locations. Oshkosh’s charge to Performa was clear: Create a new global headquarters (GHQ) that brings together up to 650 talented team members in a collaborative space that celebrates their purpose and enables the company’s “People-First” culture. The vision for the new GHQ included the following goals:

  • Bring together team members from more than 40 facilities.
  • Celebrate the company’s purpose and reflect its “People-First” culture.
  • Foster a productive and innovative work environment.
  • Enhance a sense of choice for team members to work collaboratively and, when needed, individually.
  • Dedicate space for learning and development.
  • Create a healthy environment that encourages well-being.
  • Position the company to grow and adapt well into the future.

The Transformational Outcome

After a thorough understanding of Oshkosh’s vision, Performa’s team guided their team members through a collaborative planning and design process. The result? A new global headquarters that gives the company’s purpose the space to thrive. Each element of the four-story, 191,000 square-foot building subtly reinforces Oshkosh’s purpose, celebrates team members’ contributions to the world, enables health and wellness, invites learning, encourages development and innovation, and provides the flexibility to do both individual and collaborative work. According to Wilson Jones, Oshkosh’s CEO, “This experience and new GHQ has accelerated the advancement of our people-first culture.”

To learn more about Oshkosh’s new GHQ and transformational outcome, click here to view their story!



Performa is excited to celebrate its 25th Anniversary this December. To commemorate this momentous milestone, we plan to share 25 video stories of transformation throughout the coming year (2021). Each video highlights a unique relationship we’ve built over the years with the people and organizations that have played a critical role in Performa’s success. Please click the following link to hear from Brian Netzel, Co-Owner and Director of Design, as he introduces the video series. In a year when we can’t celebrate in person, this is our way of thanking our valuable team members, clients and partners for allowing us to ‘give purpose the space to thrive’ for the past 25 years. We look forward to the next 25!”

Click the following link read more about our history and story.



Performa celebrated its new Atlanta office’s official opening with a small ribbon-cutting ceremony on November 19th, 2020! Owners and principals Doug Page and Matt Marek and office leader Douglas Webster were joined by the Midtown Alliance and a small group of individuals to open the office officially. The new office is located at the Boundary, a trio of redeveloped buildings that offer a unique Peachtree Street setting. The space is a true reflection of Performa’s 25 years as a purpose-driven brand. It will provide a vital home for current team members and support our growth in the Atlanta and surrounding markets. Stay connected at as we await our open house in the spring of 2021!



Performa senior planner and architect Carolyn Glime recently spoke with Insight Publications about the uncertainties of creating healthy indoor environments during the current pandemic. In the article, she shares some insights on the importance of taking the time to figure out “next practices” and then responding accordingly. Some of these considerations include making work environments safer and the fact that air quality is high on the list. Glime shares that when she envisions the future workplace, she sees dedensification of layouts, fewer independent workstations and more flexibility. As for people continuing to work from home, there’s no need to panic, and it also doesn’t mean offices will disappear. “It totally makes sense to me. Why do we go from our home, to drive to our work, to work independently when we can just as soon do that at home?” she says. When people do need to go into the workplace, gone will be tightly packed conference rooms. Instead, people will need more separate rooms to collaborate or one large, open space, as well as rooms that could serve as high-tech virtual environments. According to Glime, “You are not going to be successful if you fight change. You have to adapt.” To learn more, click here: Clearing the Air.



The year 2020 has brought its fair share of challenges. Between the pandemic, economic hardships and political turmoil, one doesn’t have to be overly creative to justify a lack of thankfulness right now. Yet this would miss the entire point of the recent Thanksgiving holiday. To be clear, this doesn’t negate any sadness one may be feeling. Like all emotions, sadness has its place and serves a purpose. However, actively being thankful for blessings, regardless of our circumstances – is not just a nice ‘feel good’ thing; it can enhance our wellbeing – something needed now more than ever. Gratitude can shine a spotlight on all that is good. Read the full blog here.

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