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Healthy at Work

Our clients, like many organizations, are faced with uncertainty and change as we transition through the pandemic. Our number one priority is to provide our clients support, guidance and leadership through this challenging time.

We continue to refine our approach, services and solutions with safety and well-being at the forefront. This includes researching, innovating, sharing ideas, and designing solutions to support our clients’ unique and evolving needs. Our Performa team is passionate about what we do and truly believes that design can elevate people’s potential, including uncovering next practices in the future built environment. Our experts are asking probing questions to achieve desired flexibility, quantify capacities and assess technologies that deliver forward-looking and high-performing and healthy design solutions. As you welcome employees back, we suggest taking a holistic view of your organization to help you ultimately shape the “new normal” for your work environment. By aligning purpose, people, process, place and technology, you allow your culture to shine through, motivating people authentically.

Creating healthy environments has never been more relevant. As the President and CEO of the US Green Building Council recently said, “Healthy people in healthy spaces equals a healthy economy.” For Performa, it has given our team a renewed sense of commitment to our cause – giving purpose the space to thrive™.

Learn more get your copy of the Healthy at Work resource, Healthy At Work

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